Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, maybe some of you know, maybe some of you don't know, but Andrew and I are going to El Salvador this summer. We are volunteering at an orphanage and we are STOKED to go! But we need some help to be able to make it there. I won't write it all out HERE, but check out the facebook page we made to see exactly what we're doing.

BUT, here is what is going on. We need donations from people who would like to help us out. These donations directly help out the orphans in El Salvador where we are going to volunteer...they don't go to HELP's electric bill, or to some other volunteer. They go specifically to the Hogar del Nino project for the time we will be spending there.

So, since donations have been slow, I have decided to throw in a photoshoot to all those that go to the "donate now" button on HELP International's webpage and donate at least $25 (please make donations dedicated to 'Andrew Hunter' or 'Molly Hunter'). I am willing to do ANY type of photoshoot you want: children/babies, couples/engagements, bridals, pets, senior, headshots...whatever you would like. Only for $25! Not too check it out. Just make sure you keep your confirmation page as proof of donation, and then we can set a date!!

**Please note that I am not sure how many will respond to this...I have absolutely NO CLUE...but depending on how many do, there is a chance that I won't get all of the photoshoots in by the time I leave at the end of April. So, don't be discouraged...still donate. I will make more than enough time for you when I return in August!!:))

Thanks everyone for your support, and LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!!! (And you have to live within the Wastach Front in order to do the photoshoot).