Monday, April 20, 2009

Anne and Michael

I was lucky enough to take pictures with Anne and Michael on Saturday. Can I tell you that I am SOOO excited they are getting married? Anne and I go WWAAAYYYY back to freshman year (which was 4 whole years ago...can you believe that??) and we have seen each other go through EVERYTHING!! And now I get to see her get married:) They were a blast to take pictures with.

Here is a little scoop on the two: Anne is a food science major. She is also a culinary/pastry MASTER! I'm pretty sure she won Michael's heart with her amazing ability to make really good food. Michael is a Latin studies major and is planning on graduate school shortly. He speaks some wicked Spanish!! In fact, Andrew and I will be close to his stomping grounds of Honduras this summer. He kindly let me know about some disease called "bone breaking" disease (or something like that) that I will most likely contract during my few months in El Salvador. Well, let's just hope for the best! Anyway, enough of the rambling...onto pictures:)