Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vote for Becca!

My friend, Rebecca Sior, is in a contest to go to a photography workshop. It is an awesome opportunity, but she can only go if it's free (she isn't made of the big bucks)....that is where YOU come in. Vote for her to go!! (scroll toward the bottom and look for a cute blond girl named Rebecca Sior!)

PS- Have you been watching the Sing Off? Yeah, NOT happy about Tuesday night. Not happy at all. But, such is life. At least they won't get too big and famous to stop shows in Provo. And I'm selfish and want them to stick around here so I can still enjoy an affordable Noteworthy show. But still...they could have easily won. Anyway, keep watching the show!! I'm voting for Nota now....and not just because I love Spanish and Spanish speaking people...but that definitely gives them an upper hand:)