Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be 100%

Hey! I have really been a blog-slacker. I think I'm going to call this my phlog...photoblog is too long to type. Actually, how about my flog? That's even easier to type.

Anyway, I've been really un-inspired and un-motivated to take pictures. Maybe it's the stress of finding a part time job, school starting, and being nervous out of my mind for my intro to black and white film class (THE class of my college is what determines whether I stay or go...eek)...or who knows? But, I have had my camera in its bag for far too long. I finally busted out for...oh...a total of 20 mins?

However, things are about to turn around. I'm just gathering inspiration, so the best is yet to come! Till then, here are the photos for my 20 minutes adventure:

Um, YES! I love my calling as a Primary teacher...CTR 6 (5-6-7 year Sunday school class...Andrew and I teach them about Jesus...and other related topics...every Sunday). I LOVE IT! I love them:) That age is perfect. Ahh, yes. Love it...and this was the fun Primary activity bright and early this past Saturday.

the cute lazy-eyed twin kitties that always come to my front door begging for food. They're scaredy cats...but so cute. I just want to pet them!! But I feed them kitty food instead.

birds of faith

Photos taken back in May before Andrew and I went to El Salvador. I had them on my computer unedited...and I found them and edited them.

C'est tout!! Es todo! That's all:)