Friday, May 21, 2010

Sarah Continued...

As I promised, I have more photos from Sarah's portrait session.
I know I've said it before, but Sarah is absolutely gorgeous.
She made my job so easy.
And her mom was such a sweetheart.

So, Welton girls, I'd love to get together again soon.
Maybe with the two of you together (in the photos, I mean:)).

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_4046-2

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3673Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_4075

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3884Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3949-3

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3751-2Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3704

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3639-2Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3626-2

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3589Sarah Senior2010DSC_3337-2

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3549Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3404

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3565-2Sarah Senior2010DSC_3461

Sarah Welton Senior2010DSC_3596Sarah Senior2010DSC_3386

Are you a senior graduating high school?
Getting married?
Just want cute pictures?
Call me.