Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Lights

I recently started a new job at Publications & Graphics at BYU as their photographer's assistant.
It is probably the best job I have ever had (although my life guarding days in PA were equally incredible).
It's a job that encourages creativity (when we have down time of course),
so I spend a lot of my days looking at books of photos and thinking of ways to make my own photos better,
but most importantly I get to TAKE photos with their studio lights!

It is really, really great and fun.
I don't know anything about studio lights (yet),
but it's fun to play around.

Brillante (my girl!) is home from her one point five year long LDS mission to Argentina
and she came to Utah to visit me! We have had a lot of fun, fun times together.
I love her as if she were kin; a McDonald in a Kretchman body.

Anyway, we took fun photos in the studio together.
And my boy came to visit me once also, and I got pictures of him too!!
I really love him as if he were a McDonald too... except more.



Brillante is full of facial expressions. She learned them all from me.
Haha, I love his face here.
That is my boy right there.