Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did you know...

that today is Chile's Independence Day? Not only that, it's their Bicentennial celebration!
Did you know I went to Chile for 4 months of my life when I was 20?
I love Chile, Chileans, empanadas, manjar, and Castellano/Spanish.

Did you know yesterday was Andrew's birthday?
He's 27!
Definitely a 27 year old's face. A handsome one at that.

Anyway, I have a post for real! I took pictures of two cute brothers back in PA.
They actually won my giveaway that I offered a few months back.
Thanks to Kristen Bates and Cori Zeigler for a fun day at the park with the boys!

Zeigler boys-31Zeigler boys-45

Zeigler boys-70Zeigler boys-113

Zeigler boys-120Zeigler boys-127

Zeigler boys-140Zeigler boys-165

Zeigler boys-193Zeigler boys-202

Zeigler boys-251Zeigler boys-295

Zeigler boys-305

Zeigler boys-344

Zeigler boys-359Zeigler boys-356

I love Hispanic culture, Spanish, etc.
I especially love my husband,
and I love taking photos of fun little guys like these two.

Call me for your fall portraits! Christmas will be here before we know it!