Friday, June 17, 2011

Brillante+Darin Formals {Provo Canyon, UT}

I photographed their wedding on June 9th,
AKA the hottest, most humid day D.C. has seen in a while.
I was incredibly hot and sweaty, as was everyone in attendance,
but the couple was beyond happy to be married.
That's all that matters, am I right?

Here are some formals we took in the canyon a few weeks before their wedding:

bri+darin bridals-581.jpgbri+darin bridals-460-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-9-Edit.jpgbri+darin bridals-154-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-31-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-317-Edit.jpgbri+darin bridals-415-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-450-Edit.jpgbri+darin bridals-501-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-536-Edit.jpgbri+darin bridals-632-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-770-Edit.jpgbri+darin bridals-798-Edit.jpg

bri+darin bridals-516.jpg
I had to throw in a photo of the stylist, Kaitlyn Thatcher!
Isn't she adorable?  I love her!  She is also one of my closest college girlfriends,
and the girl has got style.  So she came along and made sure
Brillante's dress, hair, and makeup looked absolutely perfect.

Every photo shoot needs a Kaitlyn Thatcher!