Sunday, March 25, 2012

Notice the hour.  It's late (early?), and baby girl is teething.  Teething=cranky, sad, sleepless baby.  Teething=long nights and days for both baby AND momma (and probably the neighbors too...).  Can a baby teeth for a month straight?

Being a mom is awesome, but hard.  Mostly it's hard--physically, emotionally, and mentally.  But the little moments (the momma moments!) make it as awesome and as 100% worth it as it is.

march25 march25-4 march25-2 march25-5
Like right now, bg decided to "scary cry", so I gave in and got her out of bed.  She's sitting with me at the computer nursing and she keeps looking at herself in the photos I'm posting and giggling.  She's so sweet.