Monday, May 7, 2012

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I've written about my mom before, but she is quite the woman.  She's inspirational.  She grew up in PA and then when she was in the 8th grade her family moved to Missouri.  She met my dad in school there, but her interest in him didn't begin until she was in high school.  They started dating at some point in college and got married when they were both 23.  My dad was an inactive member of the LDS church and my mom wasn't a member, but at some point LDS missionaries got in contact with my dad.  After about a year of meeting with my parents, my mom decided to be baptized and my dad started attending church and straightening out his ways:).

My dad went to medical school when he was in his thirties and eventually became a family practitioner, which is how my family ended up in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania.  Everyone who had my dad as their doctor loved him.  As a senior in high school I would still have people tell me how much they loved having my dad as their doctor and how they hadn't found a man as friendly and nice.   Anyway, at the age of 40 my dad died from a diabetic related heart attack leaving my mom with five kids to raise between the ages of 16 and 3.  And I'll add she did a pretty kick butt job.  She has been the biggest, best example to me of how to be a good, honest, faithful, God-fearing person.  And she's so nice.  Ask anyone.  I don't ever, in all of my life, recall my mom being angry. She's just such a great woman, and I will always strive to be like her as a mom.

And Reese?  Well, she loves her Grandma McDonald!  I feel so blessed to be related to such amazing people!