Thursday, March 12, 2009

A day in the life of...

the kids. They have lots of energy, HUGE personalities and love to play. And they love me.

numero 1: he likes football so much, he's willing to run into kids during recess, while incurring black eyes and forehead lumps, just to get the tackle

numero dos: every time I walk into the door, asks to play Street Fighter on my phone and refuses to let me take more than one smiley picture of him in the middle of a game

numero 3: he's a total goof, but a complete stud. I told him to do a model pose, and he worked it for the camera! He's the man.

numero 4: A beautiful princess who loves to play and get a 'tude when things aren't running up to par. And she LOVES to jump in her bed, dress up in Princess clothes and play with grandma. Besides her mom and dad, grandma is definitely number 1 in her life. She and grandma could play for hours. When she's upset, the only person that can touch her or make up cheer up is grandma. And she ALWAYS chooses grandma to play with over anyone else. They're best friends