Monday, March 16, 2009

Photowalking Utah

So this past weekend has been incredible! I went to PhotoCamp UT (woot woot!!) and it was just awesome. We had different classes we could attend to listen to pro-photographers from around the Salt Lake/Provo areas and there was a lot of socializing and picture-showing, etc. I made a few friends...Cindi Jones from SLC was my buddy for the day and she was awesome. We attended most of the same classes and talked about cool photography it was just fun. Then at the end of the day-long event, about 8 or so photographers showed off some of their best work and that was SO cool. They had a photojournalist from the Salt Lake Tribune (I think????) come down and show his work and that, for me, was honestly the best. His work was incredible and it was so meaningful and just captures such cool moments in I've decided that my favorite type of photography is the photojournalistic style. Basically it's just capturing life as real as it gets. Don't get me wrong, I love all other types of photography, but photojournalism gets my mind running and inspires me to go out and just capture life. His name was Trent...and I have NO clue what his last name is. frustrating, but his work was awesome.

After that, there was a photowalking event in downtown Provo. Basically, photowalking UT is an organization that gives photographers in the greater Salt Lake area the opportunity to meet with other photographers and learn together! And of course to take pictures (haha), but it was a lot a lot a lot of fun. Kinda intimidating, but then just cool and fun because I definitely wasn't the only one who was a newby at photography. Man...I love people who like to help other people. It's fun! And contagious!

Anyway, so the theme for this photowalk was "scavenger hunt" so we were given a list of things to take pictures we go:

vintage maybe this car wasn't vintage, but it was still old

90 degree angles

complimentary colors (blue and orange...marigold is probably the correct color...but it's still kinda orange)

I just took this one because I liked the way it looked


an old sign


a mailbox...which is what I THOUGHT it was...but it turned out to be a cigarette trashcan

last, a reflection. I thought this one just looked kinda cool because the statue is inside of the glass and everything else is a reflection off of the it looks kinda trippy weird/abstractish.

That was it! I loved it!I can't wait for another event!!