Monday, April 6, 2009

Another update...

These updates are boring. No pictures. No nothin...just words (which I guess isn't nothing...but yeahh)

First:THANKFULLY I found out that we are receiving the donations made online. They take about 6-8 weeks to process completely and make it to HELP (Why?? I mean, technology, people) so that's why they weren't showing. But luckily the girl in charge was awesome and was able (and willing!) to look up the online donations. They were all there! Woo:) Thank you for those who are all A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously, I love people (good thing because getting into portrait photography would not be fun otherwise).

Second: My good friend Elsie is doing an awesome project. She is getting together mothers and daughters and taking their pictures. She has it all layed out on her latest blog post. Here is the specific post so you can all check out her GENIUS idea. I'm so jealous I didn't think of it first! What a great way to improve your photography skills:) Anyway, so she is taking pictures of mothers and daughters and she invited ME to help her out!! I'm really excited to be a part of her project!! AND, the cooler thing is that she is willing to donate part of the proceeds she makes to Andrew and I's trip to Hogar del Nino in El Salvador.

Here is quick rundown: We're taking pictures of mothers and daughters, they can choose their favorite picture (and yes, the photoshoot is free...which means one awesome picture for $0), and if they like more than just that one, they can purchase the digital copies of the rest for just $35! That is an awesome deal (especially because there are going to be not one...but TWO photographers! That equates into a ton of pictures for just $35).

Sound good? Contact me or Elsie if you want to be photographed with you and your mom/daughter. It'd make an awesome Mother's Day gift too.:)