Friday, April 3, 2009

Fundraising update

Alright, so Andrew and I just found out some important info regarding the "donate now" button on HELP's website.

: If you are making a donation on behalf of Andrew and I's trip, you need to type in our names in the "dedication" space. There is a place you can put your cursor to type in either "Andrew Hunter" or "Molly Hunter". If you don't do that, then your money is still being put to good use at HELP, but not for Andrew and I's trip.

: If you've already donated and didn't put our names in the dedication spot, let me know asap. Email me ( or Andrew ( or comment on this post. Even if you DID put our names in the "dedication box" please let me know as well. According to our financial statements through HELP, we have received no online donations (which I know isn't true because I've been told by at least 3 people that they've donated online).

Okay...that's all. And don't forget, my offer still stands. I've had one taker. I mean, come on now people. I have PLENTY of time for photoshoots:)

Thanks everyone for your support!