Friday, June 19, 2009


She is a beautiful baby here at the orphanage. I rarely get to see her because she's kept in the doctor's office because she's a fragile little girl. Today, however, was an activity day, so she was brought out for a little while with her twin brother, Daniel. These babies are so cute and they're 2.5 years old. They're so tiny, you'd never believe they were that old. Anyway, here is just a few pictures for now. Sonia is a beautiful little doll.
Sonia with Hermana Guadalupe
Daniel is Sonia's twin brother. Also lives in clinic because he is a fragile baby and also sick.
Okay and I have to throw this one in because I just love it. This is Anna Maria. She is going to be 50 this year (I think) but for the last 35 years she's been turing 15:) Haha...forever young, I suppose.