Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mas que nada

More fotos. I won't be writing up long "get-to-know-you"s this time though. I'm tired and have to wake up MUY TEMPRANO tomorrow. I'll just let you see the pictures, and maybe I'll make a few small comments:)

Ivan (THE MAN! He doesn't have a mental disability and attends a local school. He's in a wheelchair and so incredibly respectful and helpful. Love this kid) and this cute little boy who is in the lactantes area (lactantes is the area for kids who are on just a liquid diet)
Maria Umbelina (this beautiful little thing is blind. You'd never know it, but she is) and Anita. Anita has a HUGE personality. She always has a HUMUNGO smile on her face like this:)
Fatima has the biggest, most gorgeous eyes! She's not as melancholy as she appears...just bored:)
I love this picture...even though Andrew is unshaven and is in HARDCORE need of a hair's precious how big this little boy's smile is!
My girl, Wilma. LOVE HER. She pulls random things out of her bra, it is hilarious:) And Rosa. She is constantly pacing back and forth and hates an interruption, but once she's ready for your company, she gives you this smile:) Preciosa
Juan and Carmencita...Juan is great. Sings LOUD and vvveerrryyy off key. He talks a ton, and always has this smile on his face when he's saying hello. Carmencita is just a cute teenager. She pretends to talk to her girlfriends on her broken cell phone.
Romero. He was born to be a soccer player. He kicks the ball around ALL OF THE TIME, and would do it for hours if I could do it for hours. I can't, unfortunately for him.