Monday, February 22, 2010


The year of my birth,
and most likely the height of all things FILM!
I just made up the second part,
but hey, that could be right! I really have no clue.

22 (almost 23) years later
and here I am
engulfing myself into the black and white,
film life.
And I love it.

Assignment #1: Principle was economy, or "less is more". I was told it was a little daring in it simplicity. And sorry for the quality, they were scanned on not an awesome scanner.
The boy my husband works with. He laughs on demand. I LOVE IT!
This girl looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I could take her picture. This is at Sammy's in downtown Provo. I hear it delicious, but I've actually never eaten their food before.
Creeper van. If you look on the wall you can see "La Tormenta" written/painted over. It used to be a Chilean/Mexican restaurant that had pretty bad food...they went out of business.
Assignment #2: High Key=mostly light tones. Not too many light tones, but it's hanging on display so I must have done something right.