Sunday, February 14, 2010

Model Wanted

I'm looking for someone to take some portraits of for a class
assignment for my intro to black and white film.

Who am I looking for? Someone I don't know, and someone with a
die-hard passion in/love for something...preferably not just your
family or husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance(e). Someone
who loves to skateboard, or take photos, or sing, or teach or cook, etc.

Male or female between the ages of 20-99.
Email me at if you're interested
with a recent photo of yourself and what
your passion is. I will be in contact
with you right away.

ALSO, if you're available tomorrow
to take photos,
that'd be AWESOME.
Let me know! Plus, it's
supposed to be 47 degrees
tomorrow, babay!

Let this face encourage you to email me.

PS- I'll be giving you the best print of my choice (unless of course my favorite is your least favorite) mounted on matte board. It could make for a really great gift for a loved one, or just something to hang on your wall!