Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm training with the pros....

or being trained by the Pros, I should say. Well, my semester has REALLY started now. I had my first few dark room experiences at BYU developing film and making prints. OH YEAH!! It takes a LOT of time, but it is really, really fun. I kind of love it. My teacher for the class is Paul Adams....aka, a kick butt photographer. When I'm out taking pictures, I have his photos in my head and try to take pictures like his. IT DOESN'T EVER WORK! But hey, we all can't be as good as that guy. That's why he's my teacher.

So yeah...he's my intro to black&white film teacher. It's a challenge for me because I can't just take a bunch of photos and delete the ones that suck (plus, film is freaking expensive). I have to take a good shot EVERY TIME...or else I'll fail the class and get kicked the heck out of BYU's photo program. That's not happening. Taking film photos is a completely different ball park, but it's sweet. I like the challenge and even though my first pictures aren't anything to be really proud of...I'm still proud of them:) They're almost like my first children. Precious.

Anyway, I have been taking digital pictures too...just not as many so I can focus all of my (very limited) creative energy into my film.
This is my dad's old pocket watch/knife duo. I don't think he really ever used it, but it's still cool to have around. And I can only assume he used that pin when he graduated medical school in 1985? I like this picture:) It's fun to make people come to "life" with their old stuff.
Photo assignments: 1-take a photo of architecture and make the curves move in your frame and 2-make a scene out of ordinary things...I took a photo of weeds to make it look like trees? Yeah, that was a hard one.
These were some balloons on a grave at the cemetery close by my house. It is interesting out here because people go all out for their lost loved ones. During Christmas, there were countless mini Christmas trees with presents decorating the cemetery. These balloons, however, touched me because they were for a young boy who had down syndrome and passed away. He turned 20 that day.
The cutest little girl that I took photos of. She is a little model! Look at those hands on the hips:) She was a trooper in the freezing cold.

OH! There are more photos coming...they're just being edited at the moment. You'll like them. I promise.