Monday, February 8, 2010

While I'm waiting...

I tend to forget to update my blog.
Maybe I don't forget, but rather DON'T update it, period.

My bad. I accredit the lack of updates to mainly my own laziness and also to my film class.
Printing film takes SO long, so almost all of my free time is spent in the darkroom.
It's hard, but it's fun...and expensive too.

Once I get my first assignment back, I'll scan it and show the world my very first ever film assignment.
It won't be the last.

Anyway, so I'm here to update because I am actually waiting for darkroom lab hours to start.
Onto to my digital creations:

Digital Photo Assignment: COLOR!

Self Portraits: It's been a while, let's catch up!

Last BUTT not least: Matt, my brother
Haha! This was for a lighting assignment for my digital photo class.
He's not actually sitting BUCK NAKED on that toilet. He has shorts on.
It's still funny.
Idea credits to: Matt McDonald for pretty much everything EXCEPT
Elsie Lopez McDonald for the cereal eating idea.

I love photos. So much.