Friday, April 2, 2010

Festival of Colors 2010

Hare Krishna! What that means, exactly, I do not know.
However, I go to this temple in Spanish Fork every March
and participate in the Festival of Colors.
It's how they welcome in SPRING!

I was too chicken to take my digital camera with me
(didn't want to get all of that color dust inside),
but I took a few after the fact:)

Anne, Kaitlin and Skylar were my color buddies

Anne and Kaitlin are my girls. We go all the way back to freshman year (ahem...2005-2006)

Kait stood with me so I wouldn't have to get a picture alone.
I'm awkward enough, so we didn't want to single that out;)

Woo, for colors! It's funny to look at it in black and white (which is why I so kindly added it here beside the color version) because I just look dirty.
I thought, MAYBE, it'd be a little exciting...but nope.
Not at all.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy General Conference weekend!:)