Sunday, April 4, 2010

Film, I truly love you

I LOVE film.
It's beautiful.
The tones kick serious butt,
and it makes my heart melt.

My photos do not really demonstrate the beauty of film,
but check out some of Brad Slade's work (the link isan interview
of Brad on take out-photo's blog).
I just had a job interview with this photographer
and he was kind enough to show me his work.
Woah. That guys knows how to take a mean film photo.
In my head I was a little embarrassed of the B&W photos I had just shown him in my portfolio,
but mostly I was in awe at his gorgeous black and white photos.

I just love being inspired to do better. It's such an encouraging feeling.

Anyway, here are my latest film photos:

The upper L photo is my self portrait (an assignment).
The focus is off, but it is HARD to get a good self portrait in focus (being 2 places at once... you know...)
Another self portrait that I didn't hand in. It's a double exposure.
(note: if you want to take a film photo like this, make sure to photograph against a dark background. Then both of you will show up nice and ghostly you's.)
Ok, so the tree coming out of my man's head is a double print. That means it took me FOREVER to print this photo...forever. And then one final self-portrait that I sepia toned.)
Lastly, a scene taken in 20 exposures. It didn't really turn out, and it sure took a long time to photograph.

Note: The quality of these photos aren't great. Lots of dust and lost tones. Believe me that the real deal looks better.