Sunday, June 20, 2010 repeats...or start

My sister and I played this game together ALL of the time as little girls.
She was 5 years older than me, so I guess I was really the little one
and she just liked beating me at the game. She could concentrate really well.

Knudsen boys-151

Apparently, so can her little boy.
He was really into the feeling of the couch pillow.
Ha! I love that face, a lot.

Anyway, hope this ties everyone over till I get my other photos edited and online!

Photo nerds: Read on...
It turns out I have an AMAZING friend in PA
who, 5 years ago, sent me some old cameras.
I realized a few weeks ago, that these cameras
I really ought to thank him for them,
but 5 years ago I figured these cameras were somewhat useless to me.
Little did I know...

My valuables:
A Peerflekta medium format camera (an unknown brand,
but I can't wait to get it serviced and WORKING!)
A Bolex Paillard B8L camcorder (it's in amazing condition...I could make super 8 movies!
Would someone like to teach me how?)