Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Mom!

In my house growing up we celebrated Father's Day just a little bit differently than the average family.
You see, my mom played (and continues to play) the roll of mom AND dad,
so she was lucky enough to have both holidays celebrated in her behalf.
That's TWICE a year (well, 3 if you count her birthday).

Although my siblings and I are all grown now,
and we're grateful for a dad who is waiting for us elsewhere,
my siblings and I are always extra grateful for our mom come Father's Day.
And for forever families.

My mother is the most amazing woman (not just saying that because she is my mom...she really is!),
and she deserves both of these days to celebrate her and the inspiring parent that she is.
I love you mom! Happy Father's Day!


And since Andrew is my man,
and he'll be a dad someday (please note someday...this is not an announcement)
I figured I'd throw in a "Happy FUTURE Fathers Day, Andrew!"


I love you both! I'm glad you're my family.