Friday, June 11, 2010

Post # 96

I have 96 posts on this blog! YES!!
That's really  not saying much considering I have had this blog
since February of 2009....but I'm nearly to 100!:)

Anyway, I've been trying to post more often on here
because it makes me go out and take photos
whether I'm doing it for myself or not.

Here some fun personal photos I've taken of my family who is in town:

Here is "Grunma McDonalds" with the little guy.  She's the best mom and gma! 
German Pancake-1-4

German Pancake-1-2
Haha! This face is so priceless. Such a cute boy!
German Pancake-1Knudsen-57
So these are all of the little man because I didn't post as many of him on the last post,
and he has a KILLER smile!
He almost never stops.  He will still smile even when he's crying.
And he sure has a cute cry face,
but it's cuter when he smiles big and then goes straight to the pouty chin:)