Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The boys

These little boys are handsome little devils.
And they are my nephews! AND they are in Utah visiting me!

You'll see more photos of these boys shortly. I have a family shoot scheduled with them (and their parents, of course).

B.B. (big brother)
Knudsen boys-249-2Knudsen boys-234

Knudsen boys-176Knudsen boys-247

Knudsen boys-99Knudsen boys-98

Knudsen boys-142-2
b.b. (baby brother)
Knudsen boys-23Knudsen boys-133

Knudsen boys-91

Not only are they really, really cute,
but they are also really, really well behaved.
I mean, have you ever known a 5 month old NOT to cry?
Well, the little guy doesn't cry (he hollers, but not very loud) and the big little guy always listens.
If I have kids like these boys, I will be SO happy!