Monday, July 26, 2010

The Knudsen Clan

I had actually taken these photos over a month ago
but was so swamped with other work that I never got around to blogging them.

The Knudsens are my brother-in-law's family
and they asked if I would take their yearly family portraits.
Considering they had their photos taken at Sears last year,
I figured my photos couldn't be worse than that so I accepted:)

They were so gracious and patient with me and I felt like it was a success.
Thanks Knudsen family!

Knudsen Family-5-Edit-EditKnudsen Family-141-Edit-Edit-2

Knudsen Family-178-Edit-2Knudsen Family-295-Edit-2

Knudsen Family-345-Edit-Edit-2Knudsen Family-372-Edit-2

Knudsen Family-323Knudsen Family-447-2

Knudsen Family-395Knudsen Family-415-2

Knudsen Family-233-Edit-Edit-2