Friday, September 3, 2010


Meet Katie. This girl is an adorable 8 year old cheerleader.
Isn't she just a doll? She was an incredible model (check out her serious face!)
and it was so much fun taking photos of her in her own front and back yards!

Thanks to her mom, Angie, for letting me take these pictures!

Katie Smiley-17Katie Smiley-34

Katie Smiley-62Katie Smiley-53
Katie is a "flier" (I think that's what the position is called) and gets to be thrown for stunts. Doesn't that sound fun??
Katie Smiley-72Katie Smiley-75

Katie Smiley-93Katie Smiley-133

Katie Smiley-138Katie Smiley-162

Katie Smiley-196Katie Smiley-219

Such a good looking little family. Angie's son Brandon (who was a year ahead of me in school) jumped in for some family photos. He's an actor. Sweet, huh?