Monday, March 21, 2011

Tingey Wedding

Remember how I said that I would post this couple's wedding photos?  And then I never did?
Well, I shot Kristy, Brittany's little sister, and Clayton's wedding this past weekend,
and found myself thinking about Brittany and Jonathan's wedding photos.

I love their family!  They really know how to have gorgeous, laid back, happy wedding parties.
Brittany's good-natured personality, and her sense of style completely shine through in her reception decor.
Hopefully you love these images as much as I loved photographing the event!

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-6-4-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-111-4-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-166-4-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-149-4-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-253-4-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-284-4-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-314-3-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-396-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-430-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-418.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-456-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-1070-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1039-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1084-Edit.jpg
Their reception was held at Brittany's grandpa's goat farm.  It was SO much fun!
Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-435-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-496-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-482-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-558.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-438.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-442.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-553.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-969.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-884.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1607.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-1823.jpg
Brittany and Jonathan were awesome and actually worked at their reception making sno-cones.  That's what a call an awesome and dedicated couple.
Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1672-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-1676-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1687-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-1679-Edit.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1710.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-1915-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-1986-Edit.jpg
Brittany made her wedding cakes, which she lovingly calls the bob and beard cakes.  Isn't she talented?  She first made a beard cake for Jonathan on his birthday before they even dated!  I bet he knew she was the one after getting that cake from her:)

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-2154-Edit.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-2242.jpg

Brittany+Jonathan Wedding-2092.jpgBrittany+Jonathan Wedding-2277.jpg

Thank you, Brittany and Jonathan, for being AWESOME and for letting me photograph your incredible wedding!