Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Overload

Forgive me for being MIA for the last, oh, forever.
I'm usually much better at posting during the summer months,
so be ready for some blog posts coming up!

I photographed Lauren and Mario's wedding last August.
I am SO ready for the hot, summer weather to be here already!  Anyone else agree?
I think Spring is my second least favorite season, behind Winter, because it is so indecisive.
One day it's hot, the next day it's rainy/snowy and cold.  It's such a teaser!

Anyway, here are the photos of their awesome wedding day.  Thanks you two!

Ayala Wedding-001.jpgAyala Wedding-1397.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1150-Edit.jpgAyala Wedding-1135-Edit.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1028-Edit.jpgAyala Wedding-1067-Edit.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1164.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1313-Edit.jpgAyala Wedding-1308-Edit.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1124-Edit.jpgAyala Wedding-1348-Edit.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1420-Edit.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1747.jpgAyala Wedding-1722.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1929.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1805.jpgAyala Wedding-1802.jpg

Ayala Wedding-2032.jpgAyala Wedding-2058.jpg

Ayala Wedding-2196.jpgAyala Wedding-2156.jpg

Ayala Wedding-1960.jpgAyala Wedding-2300.jpg

Ayala Wedding-2411.jpg

PS- You may or may not have remembered that I have a personal photo blog that I update quite a bit.  Feel free to check it out:)