Friday, May 20, 2011

Shanna's Maternity (Provo Canyon, Utah)

Shanna and her husband Mark went to the Hogar del Niño a year ago as volunteers,
which is how I met them.  
They did such an awesome job while they were there!

Shanna and I kept in touch through facebook and our blogs since last summer,
 and when she contacted me to photograph her to capture her pregnancy,
I was incredibly honored!

Shanna and Mark will be having a little boy in NO time!
She is due at the beginning of June, 
but it sounds to me like she is ready for him to come out now
and is not hesitant to help speed up the process!

Isn't she seriously one of the most beautiful pregnant girls you have ever seen?  
She truly does glow! 
The whole "glowing pregnant woman" is no myth.

I can't wait to meet the little one soon!




A: See what I mean about the glowing complexion?  GLOWING! 
B: I love the color of the water in the second photo.  Shanna braved the freezing cold river.  What a champ!
Look at that belly button popping out.  I am jealous that my belly button hasn't popped!  I think it's so cute:)
Cutest little shoes EVER, and that adorable little lamb was Marks from when he was a baby.

And in no time I'll posting photos of baby Warr! Can't wait!