Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brillante +Darin Engagements {Provo, UT}

This here is my best friend and her soon-to-be husband.

She is one of the greatest girls I have ever known!
We were pretty much inseparable friends
from the first day I walked into my freshman dorm room
at Deseret Towers (freshman housing at BYU), 
as she was giving a tear-filled goodbye to her mom over the phone.

I remember when we were given our housing assignments the summer before my freshman year, 
she called me on the phone and I screened her call.
I never called her back...
She thought I had red hair because of a certain photo I emailed her of myself, 
so she automatically assumed I was weird. 
 And I thought her name was "Brilliant",
 not "Brillante" (pronounced "Bri-on-tay"'s an Espanish word).  
I hoped for her sake she was a genius.

Oh how little did I know that she would become my sister from another mister! 
 We have been through thick and thin, and I am SO happy that she found Darin!! 
These two are a darling couple.  
My husband and I are BFFs with them.

Let's just see how cute they are together...

The top L image is my fave from the shoot! I got my hands on a TS much fun:)




These two are HUGE baseball fans.  Brillante grew up in Baltimore and frequented Orioles games as a kid/teen.  You could say she was obsessed.  And Darin, an Idaho boy, is a random Braves fan!



I'll be shooting their wedding in less than a month! June 9th at the Washington D.C. LDS temple.