Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Noah

Remember that looong post I wrote about my friend Rachel who was trying to adopt? Well, she finally was able to adopt the most precious baby boy! He was actually born only 2 days after Reese (my baby girl), so it was so much fun to get together with Rachel and show off our new little ones to each other.
Notice how Reese is being a little fuss budget and Noah is being so sweet and sleepy?  She is SUCH a little girl and is constantly making noise whether she be talking, whining or crying.  I just love her to death, despite the whining:) I think they will make a perfect little couple in 20 years, don't you?:)

Rachel's adoption story is on her blog and I highly recommend reading her posts about it.  She is an incredible writer and she has an incredible story!

Anyway, here are some adorable photos of Noah!
Isn't she such a beautiful new mother? I love the way mothers look at their new babies.


His aunt Laura was in Utah with Rachel while they were waiting for the adoption to finalize, so she came along to the shoot.  So fun!



Rachel's mother-in-law made this gorgeous quilt for Katie, Noah's birth mom.  She also made one for Noah.  Katie is such an incredible individual, and so strong for choosing adoption for this little guy.  She couldn't have chosen a better couple to be his parents!  

Congrats again Rachel and Ryan!!