Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity {Provo River Trail, UT}

This is my good friend Kaitlin and her husband Skylar.
They are due to have a little boy in the middle of August.
It's funny, actually, because back in January Andrew and I announced to our friends that we were pregnant.
Kaitlin and I had chatted in previous months about how we were both trying to get pregnant.
But it was mutual that we wouldn't tell each other RIGHT when we got pregnant, in case something happened.

So we were all together out to eat in January, and I just kind of blurted out that I was pregnant.
Kaitlin smiled/laughed, said congrats and throughout the evening kept sneaking looks to Skylar.
I think I remember Brillante asking, "Are you guys pregnant too??" And Kaitlin just said "no, no we're not."

Well, later that night we went back to Brillante's apartment to play some games,
 and while we were having a girl pow-wow in the back room,
she told us she actually WAS pregnant!
But it was a big secret because she wasn't very far along.

It has been SO great to have someone to talk pregnancy and baby stuff with.
We have become a lot closer because of it, so these last 8+ months have been a lot of fun:)

And of course I LOVED taking their photos.  This post might be a bit long because I'm having a hard time narrowing down which photos are my favorites.

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity001-2.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity015.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity027.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity033.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity080.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity103.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity130-2.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity149.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity186.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity221.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity239-2.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity241.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity261.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity306.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity270.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity319.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity360.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity352.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity432.jpgKaitlin+Skylar Maternity474.jpg

Kaitlin+Skylar Maternity377.jpg

You are going to have one good looking little boy!
I'll be photographing their birth story, so look for that in the future!:)