Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am blogging to say that I will be posting pictures later today...the internet connection here is SO slow and it takes a very long time to upload pictures. Get excited...and I´m working on a project with some of these pictures for the Nuns who run the orphanage here. HOPEFULLY I´ll be able to make each one of them a book of photos of the kids showing their love for them. I still have to get it approved by the head hanchos over my program, but I´m excited to do it.

And I changed my header...I think I like it better. I love the picture though because it was the CUTEST moment that I was lucky enough to have my camera around to capture. This sweetest blind lady who lives at the orphanage stood up from her normal sitting spot under the tree to dance to the music that was playing. She got up and started waving her hands around and was smiling SO big!! And she of course had no clue I was taking her picture...I just looove how happy she looks. She is the sweet little lady...anyway, so after I took the picture, I decided to dance with her. We had a blast.

More pictures later!