Monday, May 18, 2009


I am in El Salvador! I am currently suffering from sunburn (we made it to the beach!! It was awwweesome. LOVE IT!), food related issues (I´ll just let YOU imagine what that means), allergies, sweat and stinkiness. It is really humid here...and sometimes hot. Actually, always hot. Enough heat that no perfume or deodorant will make me smell good. Sometimes I wonder if I´ll ever smell normal again (and this is only my first week).

Anyway, I have a few pictures. Not much from the Hogar, unfortunately. I have maybe one half-decent picture. I´m going to start pulling my camera more often though, so you can see who I´m working with. These people here are SWEET and sooooo loving. I´m excited to get to know the kids better. I love it because they call me ¨mami¨ and they all call Andrew ¨papi¨. Haha! Sooo tender! Love it!

Okay, pictures!
my nephew and his mejor amiga
haha! LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH! She wanted to give him a kiss (because of course we told her to) and he is a non-contact friendship kinda boy. His face is priceless.
the Twilight pose...hahah! The one in the field? This lady is a complete Twilight fan and she totally positioned themselves just right! Haha! My angle isn´t right because I don´t remember that scene in the field, but there you go. Funny.

You need check out the hogar del nino blog...I´ll be constantly updating on Hogar life there. The URL is just posted today. Check it out!