Sunday, June 7, 2009


My web counter started over! WHAT THE??? Piece of junk. I guess it's okay to have a fresh start. Keep 'em coming! KEEP ON READING, READERS! (thanks for that, by the way. Very generous and kind...and go ahead and make comments whenever you feel so inclined to do so. I welcome them).

PS- Here's a shout out to the HOGAR DEL NINO BLOG! woot woot! Go check it out...look at old posts because some are really funny and fun to watch. Look at the posts I'll be posting, and when I leave KEEP looking at the blog and follow what is going on. Donate if you however you can. Write them letters, send them messages through comments, send a video reply...whatever you want! If you can, give some love and check out the blog:) (please?)