Monday, June 1, 2009


I almost had it. It´s proyecto...with a ¨y¨. See, I really do know more Spanish than you think!!

I have taken more pictures...I don´t know if it´s the computer I´m using or what, but the pictures don´t look as good to me on here as they do on my laptop. Oh well! It´s okay! It´s been fun taking pictures. I have a couple more to share:

I feel bad not know this girls name, but she is one of the girls who likes to walk up to me and say ¨hola¨and nothing else. She doesn´t speak a whole lot, but I bet she can if she wants to (those ¨hola¨s are very clear. And she says ¨mami¨ clearly too). Anyway, she is funny because, for whatever reason, she LOVES back pockets and bums. If I´m wearing jeans with accessible pockets, she´ll stick her hand RIGHT in. Talk about a strange sensation when you´re not expecting it and when Andrew is in view (as in, not behind me). Haha! She likes to pinch bums as well, which is pretty funny unless it´s your bum that is getting pinched! She is really sweet though and loves hugs. She has really pretty eyes too.
Meet Janet. I think that´s how they spell her name, but it could be Yanet (since the Y makes more of a ¨j¨ sound in Spanish). This girl is DARLING! I think she has the mentality of about a 3-4 year old girl. Her behaviors and mannerisms remind me SO much of my little 3 year old neice. She loves pretty things and always has her hair in pigtails with pretty hair things. She loves her little dulces and is just the sweetest thing! She always runs up to me and HAS to give me nice, slobbery besos on my cheek:) Haha! Oh, so cute. I think my favorite part about her is the way she ¨reads¨. She can´t read the words necessarily, but she sure can read the story! She´ll sit down, open the book and start jabbering away. She doesn´t speak very clearly and will often say random words like ¨casa¨and fill the rest in with babbling. For example ¨Y la casita, de de de de el perro de de de de¨(and she really does say ¨de de de¨ sounds more like ¨duh duh duh¨. I´ll have to catch it on tape sometime) with ALL sorts of really cute inflextion thrown in. I bet her stories are very adventure and drama filled. I wish I knew what was going on inside her head to find out! She is cute:) (PS- her eyes are gorgeous, huh? And the second picture of her...LOVE IT! So stinkin´cute. I told her to hold up the heart she colored for a picture, and she totally held it up upside down. It was cute..and I know the picture is blurry, but I like the added effect it gives)
This is Estiven. I think that´s how they spell it...that´s how they say it. I just know it´s not spelled like the English Steven is spelled. Anyway, he is a three old with a mild case of Down Syndrome. He is a definite favorite around the Hogar, and I´m sure you can see why. He is adorable and he has an orange kool-aid mustache! Haha:) This little boy is super cute and he is always running around. He is 100% a little 3 year old boy. He loves playing soccer, even though he gets trampled. He usually just jumps up and keeps going. I haven´t spent as much time with him because he´s always with the niñeras (who are all very nice, but also intimidating because I don´t speak Spanish like a pro, and I don´t want to make myself look stupid in front of them!). But he is still absolutely darling!!
I believe this guys name is Daniel. I could be wrong...but he is a character. Daniel (the first picture) is definitely not nearly as menacing as this picture shows. He´s just funny because he always has this expression on and he ALWAYS wants to take pictures with my camera. At first I thought he wanted me to show him the pictures I took...but he keep putting his eye right up to the screen and then I later heard him say he wanted to TAKE a picture. Haha! I thought he was just being cute and trynig to ¨see¨the picture on the screen, but NOPE! He just wanted to take a picture. I´ll make sure to take him on some type of picture hunt with me and I´ll let you see the finish product:)
The second picture is of Raul. I saw him on Wednesday for the first time and haven´t seen him since. I´m pretty sure he has cerebral paulsy because he was in a wheelchair, couldn´t speak, but he was very coherent and was answering my questions with nods of the head. He was also a very happy guy when I was talking to him, hence that huge grin. I´m dying to see him again and talk to him! I think I´d like to get to know him better. But he had a ton of rings on his hands. About 5 or more. He looked pretty hard core, so that was definitely not somethign you see everyday at the Hogar. He was cool...I´ll update if I end up seeing him more often or not.
These pictures of are Tomassa and Mercedes. Tomassa has a severe mental delay, but she is absolutely so sweet. The first day that I went down to the Rancho, she yelled out ¨hola¨to me and grabbed my hand, put it to her neck and said ¨caliente!¨. Haha! But she says that word in a REALLY CUTE way. haha! I´ll also have to get a video of her. She is so sweet though. She can´t hold conversations, but she can say words and likes to repeat the words she says. A few of her common words are ¨hola¨¨pelo¨¨niña¨(never niño! despite how I´ve tried) ¨caliente¨¨adios¨and sometimes when she has a boo boo, she´ll say ¨me calló¨and ¨duele¨. My favorite thing she does is giggle when I pull out the camera to take a picture. She straight up GIGGLES and it kills me! I love it! But it does make it hard to get a picture of her...I can´t tell you HOW many times I´ve tried to get a typical Tomassa face, but she likes to move around so much that I can´t get the focus right. This time I had a little bit of success. She is a doll.
Mercedes is older and I´m not sure what diability she has. She speaks VERY slowly and slurred, but she speaks well. She often demands chicle from me if she sees me chewing some, but other than that we´ve had some decent converations. She is very hard to understand though...but we´ve talked about how many kids Andrew and I are going to have, how long we´ll be here and when we´re going to do some stuff with her. Haha:)
The first picture is of Nahum. He is THE MAN! I love this guy. When I first met him, he TOTALLY laid one on me when Andrew had his back turned. Hahah! On the cheek, that is. It was sooo funny though and he totally started blushing. But he always has the radio nearby jamming out to his music or he´s playing some type of sport like soccer, or he´ll play tag with us. He´s very sporty.
I forget this girl´s name, but she is also very cute (and sorry I´m calling everyone really cute, but you would too if you were here!! It can´t be helped). I think she might have some sort of growth defect, like a midget type defect, but not quite. I don´t really know though. But she is very small and has short legs and a somewhat normal body size. She is funny and loves carrying around her doll who has permanent blue marker eyebrows. It looks really funny, like it should be from the hood, but she LOVES that thing. It´s cute:) Anyway, I love this picture. I think it´s my favorite one thus far. I like her face and the angle, I think. I just like it:) Haha!

Maybe I´ll have some more for next week! Sorry this post was forever long!