Thursday, July 16, 2009

I feel kinda dead as a photographer/blogger. I'm not really either of those, but yeah...I haven't been doing much with my camera and I sure haven't been blogging either! haha!:) This past weekend we went on a trip up north to this town called La Palma. Super cool place. It is famous for the type of artwork they do. It's very simple and colorful and has childish characteristics. I personally LOVE the's really cool and it's El Salvadoran, so we knew we had to go check it out. We were lucky enough to have a driver from the Hogar take us in one of their vans, so I could take my camera with me, no problem.

I took some pictures and I have to say I am SO FRUSTRATED with my camera. Maybe not the camera, but maybe the lenses. I don't like grain, I don't like when part of the photo is completely washed out and the other is super dark, and I don't like blurriness. It's probably user problems (aka ME), but still. Frustrating. I'll be excited to start taking classes on photography soon. It'll be helpful.

Anyway, so we were given a tour of one of the shops where they make the art, which was fun. We also took a nice long drive into the mountains and country side. It's a completely different El Salvador than I'm used to up there. I loved the scenery and everything was amazingly picturesque. I didn't get a ton of good shots because I'm not much of a nature photographer, but it was still a lot of fun. I loved it. Here are some photos:

I love this picture above (L) because one of the little men is staring up and smiling because I'm taking this picture... you can't tell from this size, but in the original file you can. It's funny:)

La Palma
This is typical art from La Palma. I forget the artist's name who originally started this type of art, but here it is. Colorful and simple. This is on a wall somewhere in the town. That have this artwork EVERYWHERE. On houses, electric poles on the road (what are those called? I can't remember right now), walls, doors, park benches, etc. Everywhere.

La PalmaDSC_0125
There's a gotta cut the wood, then sand it...check out this guy. Full of wood dust. Haha! How funny. I bet his boogers are all white.

La PalmaLa Palma
La Palma
La Palma
La Palma
Cute church in a small town. Loved this little town...really tranquilo and cute. This church was little and even though it looks like I cut off the left spire thing, I didn't. It only came with one.

On another note, this is what Andrew and I have to wear everyday since about 2 weeks ago. Gotta love H1N1. We have to wear masks everyday until who knows when. Yay!!!