Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unfortunate happenings

My laptop sort of DIED. Yeah, really big bummer. So, sorry, but lightroom is on my laptop which means I have to get it fixed before I can edit any of the pictures I´ve taken recently (not really a ton...but just a few).

I love the Hogar del NiƱo. LOVE IT. Andrew and I are coming home this Friday, but we aren´t going to stop helping this place. These kids are amazing, the nuns are amazing, and so are the workers. They have so little, but they have LOTS of love. I´ll be sad to come home (even though I´m ready and excited to come home...I love my mom), but this past three months has been an awesome learning experience and I´m glad we made the choice to come.

Anyway, but I just wanted to say it´ll be a while until I post again. Sorry...that stinks. But I love you, readers:) Hasta la proxima...