Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"New Technique"

Alright these photos below are a new technique I was trying out (okay, NOT a new technique. Just me messing around. It's definitely not a technique). So I was watching some very talented videographer's videos online, and it said that he had done a macro shot by turning around his lens on his camera and shooting through the lens backward. I thought that sound freaking cool, so I tried it with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I had to hold it up to the camera (the lens, I mean. I couldn't just turn it around and screw it back onto my camera), and I had to bump the ISO WAY up (which is what makes the photo grainy), and slow the shutter speed down quite a bit, but you can see how it turned out. Kinda cool. Well, I think so anyway. It gives the picture a filmy look. I LIKE IT. My favorite is the bottom left, and my next favorite is the one with the dead fly on the dead purple flower. Haha! Funny.


Woo! That's it. Try it out, it's fun:)