Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our last days at the Hogar...

ooooo! GROWL! Who is that good lookin' boy? He should model for a living (and make us LOTS of money!)
Swinging on the swings. Haha:) He is cute, huh? And okay...I HATE the blue hue to his white t-shirt. Anyone have similar issues and/or solutions to this problem? It drives me nuts.
A bit of "daily life" at the Hogar since I hadn't taken any shots asi (like that--that's a translation for you Lariss!) This is Juan getting his haircut. The entire time that I was taking pictures of him, he was saying "Oh, I must look handsome. She's taking pictures of me. My hair is going to be so handsome when I'm done. I'm going to look 'bien bonito'." He is such a character, I love him. I think he has autism, and he speaks a mile a minute and sings SUPER loud and off key. Cute kid!

Andrew with the boys on our last day:( They love him!
Getting a picture of Jesus Jose. Getting this guy to smile requires a lot of talent in the humor section. Luckily I have that, and got him to smile (but only once in about a 10 minute period...ha!).
Finally, on our last day, they decided to set up a pool in the middle of the grassy area (we're talking a big swimming pool) and they also set up little mini plastic pools on the cement for the kids who couldn't swim/were in wheelchairs. We were GOING to swim with them once the big pool was full, but that never happened. I was SO excited to swim! It was dang hot those last few days we were there.

Well, that is all for pictures at the Hogar (until next year). It was AN AMAZING TIME! I looovveddd the Hogar so so so so so much. I love those kids and I can't wait to go back and see them again! It was an experience of a lifetime and thank goodness I didn't miss it. I am so grateful to those kids for being cute and loveable and LOVING, for giving me the opportunity to take their pictures, and to Rachel for starting the program and keeping it alive!! Loved, loved, loved, LOVED it!