Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aqui estoy yo!

After a crazy week full of eventful (some really awesome, some really sucky) happenings, I decided to edit some pictures. Unfortunately, I made the mistake (again) of leaving my camera on a very high ISO, thus the graininess of the pictures. Sorry! I swear, I always forget to change that dag-on setting. Ohh well, I'll remember to change it next time.
This is a picture I took awhile ago, but this is Chusita. She is a sweetheart!! She is so positive and is so loving. She is just a doll, and I love her.
cut off face pictures. Geovanny and Steven were being so cute together...too bad I couldn't get all of their faces. And the picture to the right is of Steven smiling SO CUTE, but of course I had to be making faces at him to get him to smile big, and so I wasn't actually looking through the viewfinder when I snapped. Oh well.

Got it! Who cares if it's blurry? It's cute!
Maritza and Antonia. These girls are seriously the best of buds. They are more-or-less sisters (without blood relation, but have the same mother figure and have lived under the same roof their entire lives) and they act like it. They pick on each other, gossip together, support each other, and LOVE each other. I love seeing these two together because their relationship is so strong, and at this time in their lives (at ages 13 and 11 respectively) they need someone to rely on and have near.
Let's not forget Carlos and Ivan (Ivan is not in the pictures, but Carlos is). These four kids are ALWAYS together. They are inseparable and they have a ton of fun together, if you can't tell.

I'll post more later!