Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moose Attack

Well, it has been over a week since I've arrived home to the USA. I really miss El Salvador and the Hogar (ps-it's pronounced "Oh-gar". You don't pronounce the "H" in the front of the word. Andrew and I have realized how many people say it "HO-gar" because in English that would make sense. However, it's a Spanish word, so it actually DOESN'T make sense. So if you were pronouncing it wrong, change your ways:)). I still think about that place ALL of the time and miss the kids like no one's business. It doesn't really help, either, that I have no job, no home, and possibly no classes this coming fall. *sigh* But I haven't let that get in the way of taking some pictures (since I definitely have plenty of time for that).

You see, this is what I came home to last Friday night:
Terrifying? His name is Moose and he's the size of one too. He's my brother's new dog. He is a Great Dane and GREAT they are.
He can be intimidating with his booming bark and intimidating growls, but by nature he is a sweetheart. I LOVE HIM (and I don't even like dogs). He slobbers a lot, but he's just so big and clumsy and I love it. I love how his lips flap, how he kicks his back leg when he's gotta go, and how he burrows his head into your leg when you pet him. Aww, I love Moose.
Most Great Danes are really laid back and kinda lazy. They make great apartment dogs, supposedly. Well, Moose is totally different because he LOVES to play and loves to chase birds in the park across the street. He's a live wire. That ball he has in his mouth is probably his favorite. He will run in circles around the house playing "keep away". He also really likes that stick that I'm coaxing him with in the picture (so that he'd look my way).

What a good dog. Good ol' Moose.