Friday, August 28, 2009

Ruth y Moises

Last weekend I got to help my friend Elsie photograph a wedding. She called me the day before the wedding and asked if I'd be willing to be her second shooter. I was ALL over that! This was my first time helping to shoot a wedding (or shooting a wedding ever). It was also cool because the groom was from Mexico and the bride was from Guatemala and so there was LOTS of Spanish speaking going on:) Ahh, I miss hearing Spanish and I had a blast feeling like I was a latina with them for the day:). The couple is SOO in love, you could see it radiating in their photos. So, here's to my first "wedding shoot" (even though I was just the second shooter who got detail shots while Elsie got the money shots:)).

The happy couple RIGHT out of the temple:) Soo in love and together forEVER!

Noe (not sure if the spelling here is right, but it's pronounced No-eh) is Moises' brother. He was such a sweetheart:) I loved taking his pictures

The following 2 photos are the parents of Moises:
Such a sweet couple
The next two photos are the parents of Ruth:
an equally sweet couple:) They had two wonderful children as well!

IMG_4871-2 IMG_4704-2
Like I said, I was the second shooter so I mostly took portraits of family and detail shots. It was so fun!

IMG_5024-2 IMG_5046-2

The above picture was a happy mistake! I over exposed this one VERY badly, but I liked how it turned out after I edited it:) Still blown out, but I'm using my artistic license to make it work;)
the above shot is my favorite of the day. I love the yellow wheat (is that what it is?) with Ruth's brown hair the temple in the background.
This is the only decent reception photo I got and I just love Ruth's expression:)

So there you are. I took a TON of pictures and only got a few out of them. I was actually using Elsie's camera and her really nice friend Ash Ram (who is an incredibly talented fashion photographer) let her borrow his Canon. My dear Nikon is getting cleaned, so using Elsie's canon really threw me off (the knobs the adjust exposure are opposite from mine! Ahh!). Still, I had a blast and thank you Elsie for inviting me, and to Ruth and Moises for letting me tag along to take photos! Congrats! You are a beautiful couple:)

Oh, another shout out to Chris McClain from Chris McClain Productions. He shot the couple's video and is an AMAZINGLY talented videographer and well priced. Check him out...he's a true professional (unlike me:)). You'll want to see his trailer he made for Moises and Ruth. It's kick butt.