Monday, June 7, 2010

Aaron + Judy (Provo, UT)

Judy and Aaron are already married,
but that didn't stop them from getting some seriously CUTE picture together.

My friend Veronica and I (we're fellow photo students together at BYU) got together
for this photo shoot at the orchard.
That place is MAGICAL! I mean it. I know of no other place (in Provo) that exudes
summer magic like this orchard.

Anyway, Judy and Aaron are such a cute couple,
and Judy was amazing and came up with all of the vintagey/picnic ideas.

Thanks for letting me take pictures with you all!

Judy + Aaron-542Judy + Aaron-588

Judy + Aaron-620Judy + Aaron-476

Judy + Aaron-409Judy + Aaron-339-Edit

Judy + Aaron-208Judy + Aaron-189

Judy + Aaron-166
Hey! That's the back of Veronica's head:) Isn't her sweater/cardigan cute and stylish?
Judy + Aaron-119Judy + Aaron-48-Edit

Judy + Aaron-28-Edit-Edit

Every married couple should have cute pictures of themselves.
Even if you have kids.
Even if you don't.
Call me and we'll make sure you get those taken.