Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welton Family {Provo Canyon, UT}

I took photos of Sarah Welton about a year ago,
and then I photographed her cousin Lauren Ayala's wedding last summer.
Lauren's reception was actually held in the Welton's back yard.

I have worked quite a bit with this family,
and was really excited when Sally contacted me to take their family photos.

They told me of their past horror stories with photographers,
so I can only hope I wasn't as terrifying:)
But, the Weltons were an absolute blast to photograph!
They have so much personality, and it shows.
I had a great time photographing this beautiful family!

Welton Family-189.jpgWelton Family-178.jpg

Welton Family-225.jpgWelton Family-254.jpg

Welton Family-237.jpgWelton Family-242.jpg

Welton Family-264.jpgWelton Family-24.jpg

Welton Family-286.jpgWelton Family-280-Edit.jpg

Welton Family-307.jpgWelton Family-344.jpg

Welton Family-388-Edit.jpg

Welton Family-466.jpgWelton Family-402.jpg

Welton Family-511-Edit.jpg

Welton Family-517-Edit.jpg

Welton Family-539-Edit.jpg

Welton Family-561.jpgWelton Family-582.jpg

Welton Family-563.jpgWelton Family-573.jpg

Welton Family-599.jpgWelton Family-591-2.jpg